Women’s Day 2019 – Embrace with Grace I

Equality seems to be the buzz word, and why not ; with growing awareness, connectedness and access, the world is aligning itself towards equality in the most organic manner.

It’s daunting how we think of the female race automatically when anyone utters the word equality. Are we unsure of our place on this planet ? Or are we made to believe that there exists a divide based on gender ?

I have come to realise that the latter is closer to the truth than the former.

We need to embrace our place in this world with grace ;  we need to start acting proactively, rather than talking passively. Being a woman in an urban setting today is synonymous with being equal to a man.

Though some might disagree, I strongly feel equality is a state you need to achieve on account of your own actions, and not on reliance of society in general.

Let’s look at what it means to exist as a true Equal :

Being in Control of your Professional Life

Work is no longer rigid ; the expanse of work formats and opportunities present today are flexible to your appetite for ambition. You could work for an hour a day, an hour a week or the entire week itself ! From corporates to SMEs , employment opportunities tailored for women are only increasing in number.

Finding work today is a click or a phone call away. Not only are there organisations like Sheores, Woman At Work or Jobs for Her that are curating women-centric jobs, but companies too are becoming a lot more flexible in their approach.

Entrepreneurship is highly untapped among women and is rather not recognised in a formal sense. Women comprise the largest unorganised sector in our economy today – not because we are not working, but because we don’t believe that the work we do has the potential to transform into a successful venture.

What do you think is the basic difference between a woman and a man running a venture ? It is the fact that we women don’t talk enough or give due credit to the value we create.

Whether you’re conducting classes at home, re-selling clothes or running a start-up; each of these have the potential of scaling into sustainable businesses of the future.

All you need is the vision to think big, self motivation and continuous hard work ; which by the way is generic to any business – irrespective of gender.

We often play the “family card” and assume that our career is over – well that’s a state of mind and philosophy that’s far gone ; we live in an era where everything from you maid, to groceries and even children can be managed with technology and support services.

The theme for International Women’s Day is around achieving #BalanceForBetter , what better time to put this in action than by equally balancing your personal and professional life.

Embrace your skills, your experience and your caliber; be an active part of the economy not just as a consumer, but as a substantial service/product provider.