We stick to a very lean structure when it comes to Consulting. In my experience of co-building a company from scratch, decluttering has been pivotal. It’s only when you simplify processes , do you derive actual results. Summarising the 3 steps which outline the work we do at Collaborat-her.


This is the first step that helps you with ideation and answering some key questions before you choose the path of Entrepreneurship.


Post ideation, we look at what all needs to be activated in order to launch your idea and a sustainable business model. This would comprise of product/service development (prototyping), market testing (testing for Proof of Concept ), and funding options available.


Here is where we formally launch the product/service for us to gauge the market response. For existing business already in the execution phase, we monitor performance based on response.

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”